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  • Brother

    Album: The storm  |  Type: Ballad  |  Singer: Michel Sings

  • Crossroad

    Album: The storm  |  Type: Rock Ballad  |  Singer: Michel Sings

  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes

    Album: The storm  |  Type: Rock-Ballad  |  Singer: Michel Sings

Music An Art...

Music is an art form and cultural activity whose medium is sound organized in time. The common elements of music are pitch, rhythm, dynamics and the sonic qualities of timbre and texture.


Michel Sings And Alex Bronneberg Making a New Album several songs wil be remixt and there will be 4 new songs.

Work With Us

It would be a great pleasure to have you in our team, follow these steps to join us.


Let us know how you are, name adres etc etc just send a E-mail step2!.


Tell us about your goal(s) If it fits we can go to step 3. We always eager to work with other people .


Tell us if you want to be a DJ at oure radio station or a songwriter, etc etc. In the last steps we wil try to meat Up .


Now we know wat to do, we want to meat you. Our goal is making Music and making music with frends Your goal will be a member of Team Dracarys And Sings. We playing like Team not a person on his own so when we gonne meat Up .

Music Source My DNA

and let us know if you have any questions email me for more awesome stuff by typing mail to me.

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@ radio dsr you can find alle the DJ's broadcasting schow's Not only The schows of Dracarys ( Alexander Bronneberg) DSR Click Here



Alex playing at Radio Black Neon "Germany" not only DSR ther are manny ways to find me Black Neon radio Click Here


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And many more station Discosound-radio the newest station he playing the show about dragons choice Discosound-Radio Click Here

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Back In Time

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Who We Are?


on this moment we have several songs written for Michel Sings a special friend. Making music from the Hart.

DJ Radio stations

playin several days at more than 4 radio stations DSR - BNR - Back In Time - Discosound radio.

Music is my DNA

Making music at my radio schows or songwriter, music is my DNA, More look at

Alex Bronneberg

Songwriter & Radio DJ


Text Alex Bronneberg


Text Alex Bronneberg

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Music & Lyrics Alex Bronneberg & Michel Sings

Alex Bronneberg DJ @ DSradio

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